How to live forever

You can extend your life indefinitely. You just have to know how!

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You will get rid of the stress that is harmful to your health


Tension and Stress is a mind-thing and by understanding the mind you can avoid damaging your health. Dealing with everyday life is made easier by learning:


*     How to avoid all diseases that destroy the brain, like Parkinson and Alzheimer

*     About understanding yourself and what lifestyle gives you peace of mind

*     About the relationship between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind

*     About understanding the body-mind relationship and how to work with it and not drive yourself crazy?

*     How the mind attaches and detaches

*     That idealism and materialism are not the only options in life but that there is a third option?

*     To avoid vague and scattered consciousness as you get older and how to keep your consciousness crisp and alert

*     How to be aware of the dominating thoughts in your mind and understand where they lead you

*     To avoid saying, ‘But I had no choice, I had to do it!’ To avoid getting cornered like wild animals and having nowhere to go. Life is easier with forethought and planning.

ü      To become aware of the endless choices you have in life.



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If you're serious about wanting to feel alive with more vital, more youthful looks, the book How to Live Forever describes the principles and theory you need to help with your quest in extending your lifespan.


All health is a result of a healthy lifestyle

Drug FREE is the way to be! 


“How long will you live?  Ignorance about taking care of yourself can be the mistake that kills you in your 30’s, 40’s, 50's or 60's”! This book shows you a different view about lifestyle and health. A healthy life is a regenerating and rejuvenating lifestyle. Discover the secret of a regenerating and rejuvenating lifestyle by understanding:

 ·       Natural Hygiene principles show you a health system that is drug free -        time tested for over 170 years

·       How to save thousands of dollars by not repeating the same mistakes others have

·       How much of your health you are losing to deadbeat advice.  How a little mistake can cost you your life. 

·      Not to be someone’s guinea pig and maybe becoming a death rate statistic. How to have the right to live and be healthy. How to distinguish between good and bad advice, even from professionals?

·       The warning signals of ill health and what action you need to take before anything serious happens to you

·       What conditions stops health from working

·       How you can save your life by knowing the right thing to do

·       How to stop the same re-occurring medical problems coming back again and again?



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